METONE 10718 阳光幅射传感器 (2mV/Wm2; 0.5Wm2/mV)

Power Supply: 5~24VDC with a nominal current draw of 300uA

Output (Sensitivity): 2mV/Wm2

Calibration Factor (Reciprocal

of Output): 0.5Wm2/mV

Calibration Uncertainty: ±5%

Measurement Repeatability: < 1%

Long-Term Drift: <2% per year

Non-Linearity: <1% up to 1250Wm2

Response Time: <1ms

Field of View: 180°

Spectral Range: 360~1120nm

Directional Response: ±5% at 75° zenith angle

Temperature Response: 0.04 ±0.04% per C

Operating Environment: -40~70° C; 0~100% Relative Humidity

Dimensions: 24mm diameter, 28mm height

Mass: 140g

Cable: 5m shielded, twisted-pair, santoprene rubber jacket



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