METONE AIO 2 Sonic 气象传感器 (0~75m/s; 0~360º; -40~60°C; 0~100%)

Wind Speed

Operating Range: 0~75m/sec (0~168mph)

Calibrated Range: 0~60m/sec (0~134mph)

Accuracy: ±0.5m/sec or 5% of reading

Resolution: 0.1m/sec

Sensor Type: Ultrasonic

Threshold: <0.2mps

Response Time: 1 second

Wind Direction

Range: 0~360º

Accuracy: ±5° (including Compass)

Resolution: 1º

Sensor Type: Ultrasonic

Threshold: <0.2mps

Response Time: 1 second


Range: -40~60°C (-40~140°F)

Accuracy: ±0.2°C  (0~60ºC); ±0.5°C (-40~0°C)

Resolution: 0.1°C

Sensor Type: Resistance type

Response Time: 1 second

Relative Humidity

Range: 0~100%

Accuracy: ±3% (at 25°C)

Resolution: 1.0%

Sensor Type: Capacitive / Solid State

Response Time: 1 Second


Range: 500~1100hPa

Accuracy: ±0.5hPa (at 25°C); ±0.3 Optional (across entire operating range)

Resolution: 0.1hPa

Sensor Type: Piezoresistive silicon

Response Time: 1 Second

Alignment Compass

Accuracy: ±2°

Resolution: 1° 


Measurement Rate Output: 1, 2, 5, 15, 30, 60 Hz (user selectable)

Signal Output: RS-232C, RS-485, SDI-12 (specify at time of order)

Power: 8-36 VDC Supply, 40mA typical

At 12VDC, option dependent


Temperature: 40~60°C (-40~140°F)

Humidity: 0~100%




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