PHANTOM VEO 1310 高速摄像机 (10,860 fps)

Phantom VEO cameras are compact, rugged and full of premium features. The 1310 captures at over 10,800 frames-per-second at 1.2 Megapixel resolution. 

Programmable I/O, SDI video, Canon EOS lens support and optional CFast 2.0 recording media are just a few of the features you will appreciate. 

Available in both L (light) and S (full) styles.

Throughput: 13 Gpx/sec

CMOS sensor (1280 x 960 pixels)

Exposure: 1 µs minimum exposure standard, 706 ns minimum exposure with FAST option (export controlled)

Sensor incorporates correlated double sampling (CDS)

ISO Monochrome 25,000 D Standard, 50,000 D Binned mode

ISO Color 6,400 D Standard, 8,000 D Binned mode (mono output in binned mode)    

Memory: 18 GB, 36 GB, 72 GB high-speed internal RAM

Connectivity: Gb Ethernet (standard)

                     10Gb Ethernet (optional)



VEO Manual

L-Model Mechanical Drawing 

S-Model Mechanical Drawing

Spectral Response Curve


Phantom VEO 1310 High-Speed Camera - Molten Bronze


Phantom VEO 1310 High-speed Camera - Ignition Testing


Phantom VEO 1310 High-Speed Camera - What a Grind


Phantom VEO 1310 High-Speed Camera - Happy Leap Day

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