SRS PTC10 可编程温度控制器

Data acquisition rate: 1 to 50 Hz

Temperature resolution: <0.001°C

PID feedback: Both manual and auto-tuning modes are available

Data display: 320×240 pixel touchscreen. Both numeric and graphical data display.

Alarms: Upper and lower temperature limits. Rate-of-change limits can be set on each channel. If exceeded, an audio alarm and a relay closure will occur.

Analog ports:

Number of ports: 4 configurable DAC or ADC ports

Range: ±10 VDC

Resolution: 24-bit input, 16-bit output

Update rate: 50 Hz

Connector: BNC

Computer interface: USB, Ethernet, and RS-232. GPIB (IEEE488.2) is optional.

Power: 10 A; 88 to 132 VAC or 176 to 264 VAC; 47 to 63 Hz or DC

Dimensions: 17" × 5" × 18" (WHL)

Weight: 25 lbs




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