SRS SR785 动态信号分析仪 (DC - 102.4 kHz)

Measurement Groups: FFT, Correlation, Time Histogram, Swept-Sine, Order Tracking


Range: 102.4 kHz or 100 kHz (both displays have the same range)

FFT spans: 195.3 mHz to 102.4 kHz or 191 mHz to 100 kHz. The two displays can have different spans and start frequencies.

FFT resolution: 100, 200, 400 or 800 lines

Real-time bandwidth: 102.4 kHz (highest FFT span with continuous data acquisition and averaging)

Accuracy: 25 ppm from 20 °C to 40 °C

Dynamic Range:

Dynamic range: 90 dB typical, 80 dB guaranteed (FFT and Octave). 145 dB typical (Swept-Sine). Includes spurs, harmonics, intermodulation distortion, and alias products. Excludes alias responses at extremes of span.

Harmonic distortion: <-80 dB (single tone in band)

Intermod. distortion: <-80 dB (two tones in band, each less than -6.02 dBfs)

Spurious: <-80 dBfs

Alias responses: <-80 dBfs (single tone outside of span, <0 dBfs, less than 1 MHz)

Full span FFT noise floor: -100 dBfs typical (input grounded, >-30 dBV, Hanning window, 64 rms averages)

Residual DC response: <-30 dBfs (FFT with Auto-Cal on)

Amplitude Accuracy:

Single channel: ±0.2 dB (excluding window effects)

Cross channel: ±0.05 dB, DC to 102.4 kHz (frequency response measurement, both inputs on the same range, rms averaged)

Signal Inputs:

Number of inputs: 2

Full-scale input range: -50 dBV (3.16 mVp) to +34 dBV (50 Vp) in 2 dB steps

Maximum input level: 57 Vp

Input configuration: Single-ended (A) or differential (A-B)

Input impedance: 1 MΩ + 50 pF

Source Output:

Amplitude range: 0.1 mVp to 5 Vp

Amplitude resolution: 0.1 mVp

DC offset: <10.0 mV (typ.)

Offset adjust: ±5 VDC (sine, two-tone, swept-sine)

Output impedance: <5 Ω, ±100 mA peak output current


Data storage: USB drive

Preamp power: Power connector for SRS preamps

Power: 70 W, 100/120/220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: 17" × 8.25" × 24" (WHL)

Weight: 56 lbs.




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