Transpak TP-702RS Mercury 自动捆扎机 (Small or Round Package, 5/6/9mm, 1~32kg)

Capacity: Up to 65 cycles/minute

Strap Width: 5 mm, 6 mm, or 9 mm

Arch Size: 550 mm (W) x 400 mm (H)

Tension Range: 1 - 32 kg

Weight: 158 kg

Electrical Requirements: 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V 50/60Hz 1PH


Photo-eye switch

Rear foot bar switch

Foot pedal switch

Lower adjustable table height (770 mm - 820 mm)



Transpak TP-702, TP-702P, TP-702RS Mercury


Mercury TP-702RS is built on Mercury TP-702 with special designed parts. It is suitable for small or round packages such as plastic pipes, steel rod, hardwood, etc. It can strap packages as small as 40 mm (W) x 10 mm (H) or round packages as small as Ø 32 mm x 2 pieces. TP-702RS provides reliable high speed performance for small or round package applications.


Robust & compact mechanical strapping head

Free access to strap guides (patents registered)

Waist-high quick coil change (patents registered)

Waist-high auto strap feeding

Turnable operating control panel

Auto strap ejector

Dispenser release switch 

Sensor controlled heater 

Low voltage 

Strap end ejector

Front foot bar switch

Adjustable table height between 820 mm and 920 mm

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