Ulirvision T100 热成像相机 (1024 × 768; 17μm; 0,48mrad; -20°C ~ 600°C)

Detector Data

Type: Uncooled FPA

IR resolution: 1024 × 768

Pixel pitch: 17μm

Spectral range: 7.5~14μm

NETD/Sensitivity: 30mK

Lens Data

FOV: 28° x 21°

Minimum imaging distance: 1m

IFOV: 0.48mrad

Focus: Manual/Motor/Continuous autofocus/Laser assisted focusing

Image Performance

LCD: HD 5" color digital LCD, 1280 × 720

Viewnder: 0.5" color OLED display, supporting manual zoom, 1024×768

Visual camera: 13 megapixel CMOS, autofocus, LED ll light

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Amplication: 1X~35X continuous

Palette: 12 palettes (including iron red, rainbow, black hot and white hot, etc.)

Contrast/brightness: Auto/Manual


Temperature range: -20°C~+600°C(can be extended to 1200°C)

Measurement accuracy: 5°C~150°C, accuracy is ±1°C or ±1% of reading; for other temperature ranges, the accuracy is ±2°C or ±2% of reading, take the larger value

Measurement mode: Real-time 20 movable spots, 10 movable rectangular areas and 10 circular areas (max. /min. temp capture, avg. temp measure), 20 movable line temp measure, isothermal analysis, temp difference measure, temp alarm (sound, color)

Measurement correction: Auto/Manual

Emissivity correction: Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0 or selected from list of materials

Background temperature correction: Auto (according to the input background temp)

Atmospheric transmissivity correction: Auto according to the input distance, relative humidity, ambient temp

Setting function: Date/time, temp unit °C/°F/K, language

Image Storage

Memory card: 64G

Storage method: Auto/manual store image in frame

Single frame infrared image format: JPEG, with 14-Bit measured data image

Single frame visible image format: JPEG or stored with single frame image

Text annotation: Support 30 preset text annotations (editable)

Voice annotation: 60s voice record, stored with per image via built-in microphone

Laser Indicator

Grade/Type: Class2, 1mW , 650nm Red

Laser Ranging: Measuring distance: 0.1m-50m


Power interface: Yes

SD card slot: Yes

Video output: HDMI

Audio output: Yes

USB interface: USB TypeC: Data transmission, radiometric video streaming


Bluetooth: Yes

4G: Optinal

GPS: Yes

Compass: Yes

Tripod: 1/4″_20

Power System

Battery type: Lithium battery rechargeable

Battery operating time: 4h continuous room temperature

External power: DC: 5V

Charging system: Two-seater charger or in camera (AC adapter or 12V car charger)

Power saving: Yes

Enviroment Parameters

Operation temperature range: -20°C~+50°C

Storage temperature range: -40°C~+70°C

Humidity: ≤95% INon-condense

Vibration: 2G IEC60068-2-6

Shock: 25G IEC60068-2-29

Enclosulation: IP54 IEC60529

Physical Data

Size: 200mm × 110mm × 156mm

Weight: ≤1.6kg (with battery and standard lens)


Standard: Thermal imaging camera, 2 lithium batteries, battery charger, adapter, USB cable, SD card, video cable, card reader, USB ash drive, warranty card, certicate, calibration book, carrying case

Optional accessories: Laptop, SLR camera



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