UNI-T UT3550 电池测试仪 (100V, 30Ω)

Voltage range:10V,100V

Voltage resolution: 100μV,1mV

Voltage accuracy: ±0.05%rdg ±5dgt

Resistance range: 3mΩ,30mΩ,300mΩ,3Ω,30Ω

Resistance resolution: 1μΩ,10μΩ,100μΩ,1mΩ,10mΩ

Resistance accuracy: ±0.5%rdg ±5dgt

Range Mode: Auto and Manual(resistance and voltage)

Calibration: Short circuit full range to zeroed

Testing Speed: 1/s(manual range)

Filter function: low limit and conform.Sorting result has two output situations: PASS and FAIL.

Beeper: OFF, OK, NG

Comparison Mode: Absolute deviation(ABS) , Relative deviation(PER) ,Direct-reading(SEQ)

Other Function: Lock keypad, U disk storage, keypad tone, Chines/English language, screenshot

Test Terminal: Four-terminal test method

Trigger: Internal, manual and remote trigger

Storage: Internal 500 groups, exportable CSV files

Interface: Type-c interface (communication)/USB DEVICE (storage) /charge interface

Upper-computer Software: SCPI

Power: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz

Display: 3.5 inch LCD display +0.96 inch OLED on the top

Product size (W×H×D): 114.5mm×251.9mm×85.3mm

Product net weight: 0.84kg

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