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DGBell BE-ZK-512L 真空乾燥オーブン (AC 380V / 50HZ /10.0KW, RT+10℃~200℃)

  • 生産者:DGBell
    Model: BE-ZK-512L
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Test Space W x H x D (mm): 800x800x800

External Dimension W x H x D (mm): 1100x1070x1210

Power Supply: AC 380V / 50HZ /10.0KW

Temp. Range: RT+10℃~200℃

Display Mode: Digital Display

Internal Material: 6.0mm thickness SUS 304# Stainless Steel

External Material: 1.5mm thickness SECC steel plate, powder painted coating

Bottom: Installed with universal wheel

Observation Window: Tempered glass with explosion – proof membrane

Timer: 4 digits display 0~9999(Hour, Minutes, Seconds changeable)

Vacuum Rate: 1.3Kpa(standard requires 11.6Kpa,vacuum gauge indication value -89.7Kpa)

Safety Devices: Remarks:as the inner chamber pressure is(101.325Kpa), if wants the inner chamber pressure decreased to 11.6Kpa. Calculating according to atmosphere pressure of(101.325Kpa), need to blow out (89.7Kpa) pressure of the inside chamber, then the inner chamber can reach low pressure environment of (11.6Kpa).

Pressure: 0~101Kpa(Controllable, display)

Pressure Fluctuation: ≤5%


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