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DGBell BTH-800 温度湿度試験機 (-70 ~ 150 ℃, 20% RH-98% RH)

  • 生産者:DGBell
    Model: BTH-800
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    ホットライン: (+84) 968060220
    電話番号: +84 (24)62923267

Test Space W x H x D (mm): 1000x1000x800

External Dimension W x H x D (mm): 1200x1900x1620

Cooling Method: Air-cooling

Temperature Range: A:-0~150℃, B:-20~150℃, C:-40~150℃, D:-70~150℃

Humidity Range: 20%RH-98%RH 

Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.5℃

Humidity Fluctuation: ±2%RH

Temperature Deviation: ≤2.0℃

Humidity Deviation: A)>75%RH:≤+2,-3%RH,B)<75%RH:≤±5%RH。

Temperature Uniformity: ≤±2.0℃

Humidity Uniformity: +2,-3%RH

Heating Rate: Approx 3℃/mins,average non-linear ,no load

Cooling Rate: Approx 1℃/ mins,average non-linear ,no load

Temperature Overshoot: ≤±2℃

Internal Material: 1.2mm thick SUS#304 high &low temperature resistance stainless steel.

External Material: Adopt flame retardant high strength PU Polyurethane foam insulation material.

Control Method: Touch screen programmable PLC, with USB interface, with RJ485 interface can be connected to computer controlling, special network control software, convenient remote monitoring, data acquisitioning.

Compressor: Tecumseh (France)-fully air-cooled double-fall cooling compressor. Or Bock (Germany) semi-enclosed air-cooled refrigeration.

Safety Protection: Explosion-proof pressure relief device, explosion-proof chain, mobile phone alarm device, networking, smoke exhaust device, fire extinguishing device, etc.


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