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MKS VISION-2000-B プロセスツール用真空ベースライン残留ガス分析計 (1-100; 1-200; 1-300 amu)

  • 生産者:MKS
    Model: VISION-2000-B
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Mass Range: Standard: 1-100 amu

                      Optional: 1-200 amu, 1-300 amu

Ion Source: Open ion source

Filaments: Replaceable twin Tungsten or Thoria filaments

Mass Filter: Double filter (1 inch RF only pre-filter with 4 inch main filter)

Detector: Dual (Faraday and secondary electron multiplier)

Maximum Analyzer Operating Pressure: 7.6e^-5 Torr (1e^-4 mbar)

Minimum Detectable Concentration: Faraday: 2e^-11 Torr (2.7e^-11 mbar)

Secondary electron multiplier: 5e^-14 Torr (6.7e^-14 mbar)

Mass Stability: Better than ±0.1 amu over 8 hours at stable ambient temperature

Resolution: Better than 10% valley between peaks of equal height throughout the mass range

Mounting Flange: DN35CF (70mm/2.75inch OD) Conflat® flange

Operating Temperature: Electronics: 10-40°C

Weight: Control Module: 1.7 kg

Pneumatics: 60-80 psig CDA

Power Requirements: 24 VDC, 3.4A, external supply (included), 100-120V/200-240V, 2.1 Amp, 47-63 Hz

I/O Capability: 4 analog inputs (-11 to +11v, 22 bit)

                       2 analog outputs (0-10V, 12 bit)

                      16 digital TTL I/O

                      1 opto-isolated filament control input

                      1 dedicated gauge port

Communication: Ethernet CAT-5e

Shipping Weight: 25 lbs (11.4 kg)

Type: Residual Gas Analyzer

Measurement Technique: Mass Spectrometry

Compliance: Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC (control unit)




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