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ATTEN PR35-3A-3CP 三路可编程线性直流稳压电源 (35V*2+5V, 3A*2+1A, 3CH, 215W)

Output Specifification

Rated output power: 215W

Channel 1: 105W

Channel 2: 105W

Channel 3: 5W


Rated output voltage: CH1/CH2: 35V; CH3: 5V (fixed)

Maximum preset voltage: 105% of rating (V)

Setting resolution: 1mV

Setting accuracy: 0.2% set + 0.1% rating

Display accuracy: ±(0.5% of rdng+2 digits)

Line regulation: 3mV

Load regulation: 10mV

Transient response: 50us

Ripple noise: 0.5mV(rms)


Current: CH1/CH2: 3A; CH3: 1A

Maximum preset current: 105% of rating(A)

Setting resolution: 0.1mA

Setting accuracy: 0.3% set +0.1% rating

Display accuracy: ±(1% of rdng+5 digits)

Line regulation: 5mA 

Load regulation: 5mA

Ripple noise: 1mA(rms) 

Temperature coefficient: 200ppm/ (ty p)

Protection functions: OVP/OCP/OHP

Series/Parallel Specifification

Voltage Tracking Characteristic(Series): ≤300mV

Voltage Tracking Characteristic(Parallel: ≤200mV

Input Specifification

Nominal input rating: 100V 117V 200V 217V 220V 234V (Factory Preset Parameter ) ±10%

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Dimension(WxHxD): W250xH186xD385mm 

Environmental conditions 

Operating temperature: 0 to 40℃

Operating humidity: <85% RH

Communication interface: RS232/USB

Standard Packing

Inner box: 47.6x35.6x27.5(CM), N.W.: 12.6KG, G.W.: 13KG



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