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DYT DP-38 手持式专业热像仪 (384 * 288 px, -20~ 600°C)

IR Resolution:384×288

Focal Length:15mm/F1.0

Pixel Size:17μm

Thermal Sensitivity/NETD:≤50mK@25℃

Detector Type:Uncooled microbolometer

Digital Zoom:1x-8x (integer)

Image Frequency:30Hz

Focus Mode:Manual focus

Temp Measuring

Object Temperature Range:-20℃~600℃  (customizable, up to 1600℃)

Accuracy:±2℃  or  ±2% take the max (ambient temp 25℃)

Temperature Screening:Supports   multiple   temperature   screening   modes,   such   as   high temperature, low temperature, and interval temperature

Temperature  measurement model: Support 1 global, 8 local (including point, line segment, rectangle), 1 central   point   temperature   measurement,   temperature   monitoring accords to different areas

Alarm Function:Customize   alarm  temperature   thresholds   to   monitor   temperature anomalies such as high, low, interval temperatures in realtime


Screen:4.3 “LCD capacitive touch screen

Display Type:Highlight industrial display, visible in sunlight, capacitive touch

Display Resolution:800*480

Screen Display Mode:Visible light, thermal imaging, dual band fusion, picture in picture


Imaging Technology:Independent R & D of image processing algorithm, support PHE

Dual   band   fusion   Imaging Mode: High screen fusion precision & High degree of scene restoration

Visual Camera Pixels:500W

Color Palettes:Supports black heat, white heat, iron red, high contrast, red saturation, jet mode

Fill-in Light:Supports quick on-site light filling

Professional Functions

Video:Supports real-time capture and video recording

Video Playback:Support file playback, storage according to time classification, easy to find

Laser Designation:Support

Data Management

Data Storage:Supports two modes: single shot and continuous shot

Interfaces:USB Type-C, TF card, Mini-HDMI

Storage Capacity:32G

Field notes:Support to add voice (45s) and text annotation (100 words)

General Specifications

Battery Type:Lithium-ion batteries, 7.4V 2600mAH

Battery Operating Time:Double battery 8h total, can be replaced on site

Charging type:Charging base charging or Type-C interface charging

Operating Temp Range:- 10℃~+50℃

Protection Level:IP54

Grade of fall protection:2m




DYT HandHeld Professional Thermal Camera DP-38/DP-64 is a new generation of handheld thermal imaging product integrating visible light and infrared light, with built-in high sensitivity infrared detector and high resolution visual camera, which can sense the ambient temperature changes quickly and accurately measure the temperature of high temperature targets in the environment. Combined with dual-light fusion, picture-in-picture and other image processing technologies, thermal imaging and visible image fusion overlay can be realized to help field personnel quickly troubleshoot faults, assist decision-making and ensure safety


Power line failure detection

Device defect detection

Printed circuit board troubleshooting

HVAC repair

Car repair

Pipeline leakage

Property management 

  • 质量承诺
  • 正品保修
  • 送货到家
  • 交易简单化

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