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EPHIPOT EPWS 六氟化硫水分浓度(露点)测试仪 (-60 ℃~+20 ℃)

Dew Point: 

+ Measuring Range: -60 ℃~+20 ℃

+ Measuring Precision: ±0.5℃(-60℃~+20℃)

+ Measuring Duration(+20℃): <3 minutes

Environmental Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

Environmental Humidity: 0~100% RH

Power Source: AC: 220V±10%,50Hz;  DC: Build-in rechargeable lithium battery

Display: Large LCD screen can display dew point, temperature, PPM, time, date.

Battery Capacity: 24 hours charging (with overcharging protection), 10 hours continuous working.

Weight: About 3kg

Oversize: 230mm x 260mm x 120mm


General Information:

EPWS Moisture concentration (Dew Point) Tester is applied to measure precisely trace moisture that sample contains. EPDP measures precisely trace moisture on solid and gas samples according to the technology, and widely used in measuring moisture contains of power electric, petroleum, chemical industry, railroad, pesticide, resin, scientific research divisions and etc.


- Light weight, portable.

- Fast measuring: To measure once start the instrument. To obtain dew point value rapidly.

- Fast and gas conserving: gas consumption only about 2L(101.2kPa)

- Auto locking: Adopts high quality auto lock contactor, no gas leakage, safe and reliable.

- Data storing: 50 groups’ data storage.

- Display clear: LCD screen, to display dew point, trace moisture (ppm), environmental temperature, environmental humidity, time/date, battery capacity and etc.

- Electronic flow meter, regulating valve.

- RS232 port: To connect with printer.

- Build-in battery: Large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, continuously working 10 hours after one charging.

- Input press: 10mbar to 10bar

- Self calibrating after power on.

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