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Faithful 754 UV/Vis 分光光度计 (200-1000nm)

Wavelength Range(nm): 200-1000

Transmittance Range %: 0-125

Absorbance Range A: 0.097~2.5

Scope of Concentration Display: 0-1999

Wave length Accuracy: ±1nm

Spectrum Bandwidth: 4nm

Measure Precision: 0.5%T

Stray Light: 50.3%T(220mm)

Transmittance Accuracy: ±0.5%

Transmittance Repeatability: 0.002


+ Has the function of self regulating 0%T&100%T

+ The patented unique scanning device can make high accuracy of test reading and good repeatability and stability

+ Bigger sample room suit for 10cm cell

+ With the high grade function of lower stray light etc

+ Has printing function.can be equipped with a printer to print at a fixed time



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