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Guide IR652 手持式红外成像仪 (640×512@12μm, 70mm F1.0)

Infrared Thermal Imager

Type of detector: VOx

Detecting element: 640×512@12μm

Focal length: 70mm F1.0

FOV: 6.1°×5.0°

Visible Display

Visible light lens: Focal length 105mm F4.5; FOV 3.1°x2.5°

Visible light fog penetration: Visible light has the function of fog penetration; if visibility ≤ 4km, ratio of fog penetration ≥1.5

Laser ranger

Detect range: Minimum range: ≤50m; maximum range: ≥6km

Ranging tolerance: ≤1.5m

Accuracy: ≥99%

Laser wavelength: 1.535um,safety band for human eyes


Data interface: Standard USB interface

Video interface: Standard PAL video-out interface

Communications interfaces: Standard RS232 interface

External power interface

Accuracy of Beidou positioning

Horizontal positioning: ≤6m(CEP)

Elevation positioning: ≤8m(PE)

Accuracy of positioning

Accuracy of angle measurement for magnetic azimuth: ≤0.3°(RMS, range of the main body: -15°to +15°)

Accuracy of target positioning: If observation distance=2km,accuracy of targetpositioning ≤9m (CEP)


Continuous work time: ≥10h (at room temperature)

Environmental compatibility

Working temperature: -40℃ to 55℃

Storage temperature: -55℃ to 70℃

Physical characteristics

Weight of the main body: ≤1.5kg(including device, battery, wrist strap, eye patch, carrying case)

Carrying weight: ≤2.3kg(including device, battery, wrist strap, eye patch, carrying case)



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