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HINOTEK SP-1920 双光束紫外可见分光光度计 (190-1100)

Monochromator: Czerny-Turner, Focus300

Grating: 45*45mm, 1800 lines/mm

dectector: High performance digital dual-detector photoelectric cell

bandwidth(nm): 0.5, 1, 2, 4

wavelength range(nm): 190-1100

wavelength display(nm): 0.1

wavelength set(nm): 0.1

wavelength accuracy(nm): ±0.3

wavelength repeatability(nm): ≤0.1

Scan speed(nm): wavelength movespeed 6000nm/min,wavelength scan speed: 10-3000nm/min

light source switch(nm): 300-360

stray light(220 & 340nm: ≤0.01%T

optical structure: double beam

Photometric mode: A(Abs), T(%T), Energy(E)

Photometric range: 0-125%T(T), -0.097A to 3A, 0C to 9999C(0-9999F)

Photometric accuracy: ±0.3%T NIST930e standard filter

Photometric repeatability: 0.1%T 0.001Abs(0-0.5Abs) 0.002Abs(0.5-1Abs)

Steability: ±0.0004A/Hour(at 500nm one hour preheat)

Base line: 0.002A

Drift: 0.001A/H

Display: 6.4inch big touch operation screen


- Touch screen

- spectrum scan

- time scan

- standard curve

- photometric analysis

Application software: win-sp5.2 for 1900 (Optional)

Signal output: USB, RS-232C

Sample compartment(mm: 225*114 (length×width)

Standard cell holder(mm): 2*10 (1 position)

Standard glass cell(mm: 10(4pcs)

Standard quartz cell(mm: 10(2pcs)

Power requirement: 110/220VAC,50/60Hz

Note: There may not be special notifications when the technical specification,profile and configuration changed. Please, the products will be in agreement with the real models.



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