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Kason WDW-20E 计算机电子万能试验机 (20 KN)

Max. Load: 20 KN

Structure: Four-column Floor Model (Upper Is Compression And Lower Is Tensile 

OR Upper Is Tensile And Lower Is Compression)

Control Method: Computer Automatic Control

Load Accuracy: 0.5 Class

Load Range: 0.2%~100% FS (0.04KN~20KN)

Motor: Panasonic Motor, Made In Japan

Sensor: Import Sensor, Made In USA

Resolution: 1/300000

Measuring Range Of Deformation: 2%~100%

Accuracy Indication Of Deformation: ≤±1%

Disp. Indicating Relative Error: ≤±1%

Displacement Resolution: 0.04um

Adjusting Range Of Control Rate Of Load: 0.005~5%FS/S

Control Precision Of Control Rate Of Load :

When rate < 0.05% FS/s, the precision is within ± 2% of setting value;

When rate ≥ 0.005%FS/s, the precision is within ± 1% of setting value.

Adjustment Scope Of Deformation Rate: 0.005~5%FN/S

Accuracy Of Deformation Rate:

Test Speed<0.05%FN/s, within the ±2% of the preset value,

Test Speed≥0.05%FN/s, within the ±0.5% of the preset value.

Adjusting Range Of Displacement Rate: 0.05~1000mm/min (Can be customized)

Control Precision Of Displacement Rate:

When rate < 0.5mm/min, within ± 1% of setting value;

When rate ≥ 0.5mm/min, within ± 0.5% of setting value.

Scope Of The Consistent Load Deformation And Displacement Control: 0.5%~100%FS

Accuracy Of The Consistent Load Deformation And Displacement Control:

Preset value≥10%FN, within the ±0.1% of preset value;

Preset value<10%FN, within the ±1% of preset value.

Tensile Space: 800mm (Can be customized)

Compression Space: 800mm (Can be customized)

Effective Spacing: 400mm (Can be customized)

Load Cell Configuration: One PC (Max Load).

More load cells can be added according to customer requirement.

Extend Configuration:

Large deformation extensometer,

High or low temperature test chamber, High temperature oven.

Power Supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz (Can be customized)

Grips: Wedge Type, Plate Type And Other Grips As Customers’ Demand

Dimension: 740*420*1720mm

Weight: 160 KG


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