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LABTT LAP-1000XP 全自动金相研磨抛光机

Station: Single disc

Working disc diameter: Standard with φ254mm (optional φ230mm/φ203mm, customized φ304mm) with magnetic conversion disk system

Rotate speed: 50-1000 RPM reverse rotation can be switched

Sample plate speed: 30-200 RPM reverse rotation can be switched

Manual mode: You can select 30 groups of parameters, each set and invoked separately

Automatic mode: 30 sets of process (process), each set of process contains 10 steps of process parameters (from process 1 to process 10 automatically, each step has an independent set of parameters)

Sample holder: 30mm can be 6 holes (optional 20mm 6 holes, 40mm, 50mm 3 holes, others can be customized)

Grinding head locking mode: Electromagnetic automatic lock

Drip device (optional): 4 channel; Grinding and polishing machine controls the drip operation

Working air source pressure: More than 0.6MPa

Motor power: 0.75 Kw

Power supply: AC220V, 50/60Hz, 2KW

Overall dimensions: 760 x 470 x 700mm

Weight: 63kg

Standard Accessory

input-water pipe 8mm: 1

4-point filter (60 mesh, double layer): 4

Hose hoops: 1

Fast twist joint: 1

waterproof ring: 2

Data cable: 1

Touch pen: 1

diamond polishing liquid,6micron,200ml: 1

one side sticky grinding paper(250 mm) 180#、320#、600#、1000#: 2 each

output-water pipe 25mm: 1

Rubber pad with strainer: 1

Triangle valve: 1

Teflon tape: 1

hook: 1

power cable: 1

machine manual; machine certification: 2

Anti-sticky disc(250mm): 2

Polished cloth (with glue, 250mm) Flocking (brown), canvas: 1 each


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