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LABTT M-41X 发明的金相显微镜

High eye area wide field eyepiece PL10X/22mm

Three eyepiece, eye observation tube, observation and photographic ratio, lo 45 ° inclined, pupil distance adjustment range :54-75mm;

Low - hand coaxial rough fine - tuning focus mechanism.Movement 38mm,precision fine-tuning0.002mm, adjustable elastic device to prevent slipping

Five-hole converter,reflector cora illuminator with a variable aperture and a central adjustable aperture.

12V50W halogen light,wide voltage100V-240V,the brightness is continuously adjustable. Fixed platform size:160mmX250mm.

10XLMPL10X/0.3 WD10mm

20XLMPL20X/0.45 WD4mm


100XLMPL100X/0.80 WD2.1mm(optional)

12V50W halogen light,the filament center is adjustable,the focal length can be adjusted

Metal carrier platform(Center hole diameter 12mm)

Mechanical ruler,movement 120(X)*78(Y)mm

Rectangular loading table

Stage extension

Polarizing lens insert

Biased lens insert,can be 360 ° rotation

Filter(blue, green)

1/2CTV(0.5X),C-mount,adjustable focal

Multiplying power: 50X、100X、200X、500X adjustable(standard 10X eyepiece)

Light source: Reflective cora lighting system(12V50W halogen light),brightness can be adjusted


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