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Lonroy LR-G018 最低成膜温度测试仪 (-7℃~+70℃)

■ Working temperature of grad board: -7℃~+70℃

■ Number of inspection points of grad board: 13 pcs

■ Interval distance of grad: 20mm

■ Test channels: 6 pcs, length is 240mm, width is 22mm and depth is 0.25mm

■ Showing value of inspection recorder: 16 points, from No.1 ~ No.13 is working temperature grade, No.14 is environment temperature, No.15 and No.16 are cooling water temperature for inlet and outlet

■ Power: 220V/50Hz AC wide voltage(three-phase supply with good earth)

Description: When emulsion polymer is used to produce paint, adhesive, chemical blended fabric, surface treatment agents for leather or paper, its film forming property is very important. Apply an emulsion polymer or emulsion paint on the metal board, when the water has been evaporated, polymer particles would form a continuous and transparent film because of interaction under suitable temperature. The ultimate temperature of critical film forming is called as minimum film forming temperature for this emulsion polymer, short for MFT temperature.

■Cooling water: Normal water supply

■ Size: 520mm(L)×520mm(W)× 370mm(H)

■ Weight: 31Kg


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