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Samyon SYW-40A 钢筋弯曲试验机和管道弯曲试验机 (30Mpa)

Main Function and Usage

The steel bar bending test machine SYW-40A is developed according to the relevant provisions of the national standard GB/T232-1999 Metal Material Bending Test Method, and can complete the bending test of HRB400 (¢<40mm) steel bar. Its structural performance fully meets the requirements of the test specification. It has two supporting rollers. The distance between the reinforcing bar rolls can be adjusted. It can be equipped with different diameters of the bending center. The diameter of the bending center is specified by the relevant standard, and the diameter of the bending core can be determined according to the diameter of the reinforcing bar. The instrument works reliably and is easy to operate.

Main Specifications and Technical Parameter

Cylinder rated pressure: F=200KN

Piston working stroke: S=350mm

Oil pump working pressure: P=30Mpa

Piston rise speed: V1=80mm/min

Piston descending speed: V2=160mm/min

Motor Power: N=1.5KW

Operating Voltage: 380V

Total Weight: 650Kg

Dimensions (length * width * height): 800x630x1900mm


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