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Suneast SUNFLOW DS 选择性焊接机

- General technical data:

Overall dimension(mm) (Not include the keyboard, indicator light and monitor):        2710(L)*1670(W)*1630(H)

Equipment Weight(kg):        2200

PCB size(mm):        510(L)*450(W)

Min PCB size(mm):        120(L)*50(W)

Minimum distance between nozzle center of the two solder pots(mm):        95

PCB Top Side Clearance (mm):        120

PCB Bottom Side Clearance (mm):        40

PCB process edge (mm):        ≥3

Conveyor Height From Floor (mm):        850±25

PCB Conveying Speed (mm/s):        0.2-10

Max PCB Weight (kg):        ≤5

PCB Thickness With Jig (mm):        1-6

Conveyor Width Adjustment Range (mm):        50-450

Conveyor Width Adjustment Mode:        Electric

PCB Conveying Direction:        Left to right

Air Input Pressure (Mpa):        0.6

Max Air Consumption(m³/h):        5

Nitrogen Supply:        Offered by customer

Nitrogen Input Pressure (Mpa):        0.6

Nitrogen Consumption (m³/h):        1.5/singles older pot

Required Purity of Nitrogen (%):        ≥99.999

Exhaust Volume (m³/h):        150*2

Supply Voltage (VAC):        380

Frequency (HZ):        50/60

Max Power Consumption (kw):        ≤31

Max Current (A):        <60

Ambient Temperature (℃):        10-35

Machine Noise Leve (dB):        ≤65

Communication Interface:        SMEMA

- Soldering module:

Max.Soldering distance of X axis(mm):        510

Max.Soldering distance of Y axis(mm):        450

Max.Soldering distance of Z axis(mm):        40

Min outer diameter of nozzle (mm):        5.5

Nozzle inner diameter (mm):        2.5-10

Max soldering wave height (mm):        5

Solder pot capacity(kg):        Approx.13kg/ Approx.12kg(lead-free)

Max soldering temperature (℃):        330

Soldering heating power (kw):        1.15/solder pot

- Preheating module:

Preheat temperature range(℃) :       <200

Heating power (kw) :       24

Heating mode:        Hot air+Infrared

Topside preheating:        Hot air

- Spraying System:

Max.stroke of X axis(mm): 510

Max.stroke of Y axis (mm) : 450

Spray height(mm): 60

Location speed (mm/s): <400

Spray head automatically cleaning: Program control

Fluxbox capacity (L): 2



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