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Wrindu RDXZL-800kVA/50kV Power Frequency Series Resonant Test System (800kVA/50kV)

Rated capacity: 800kVA

Working power supply: Three-phase 380V, power frequency 50Hz

Maximum rated AC voltage: 50kV

Maximum rated AC current: 16A

Output frequency: 50Hz

Device output waveform: Sine wave

Waveform distortion rate: ≤1.0%

Allowable continuous working time: 5 minutes at one time under rated conditions

Temperature rise: Temperature rise ≤50K after continuous operation under rated load for 5 min

Quality factor of this device: Q≥20 (f=50Hz)

Protection functions: Over-voltage, over-current, flashover and other protection functions

System measuring accuracy: Effective value of the system is 1.0

Noise level: ≤65dB


Product Characteristics

1. The required power capacity is greatly reduced, which is only 1/Q of the test capacity.

2. The weight and size of the device is greatly reduced to 1/10-1/30 of the taditional test device.

3. Obtaining a good sinusoidal waveform by reducing the waveform distortion of output voltage.

4. Efficiently finding the insulation weakness and preventing large short-circuit current from burning the fault point.

5. No recovery overvoltage.  

6. Three working modes (automatic mode, manual mode, automatic tuning & manual boost mode) available for users to choose from.

7. Digital data can be stored and printed off-site.

8. Automatical frequency scanning with the result intuitively displayed on the LCD screen.

9.The DSP platform technology is adopted to make the human machine exchange interface more humanized.

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